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Touch a picture,  and join us on this delightful full days trip, just a Click away.

Your Map     today 

Start your day out 9.30    at BURFORD

10 miles.   to Bourton on the Water

2.5 miles   to Upper Slaughter

1  mile        to Lower Slaughter

7 miles       to Northleach

8 miles       to Bibury

14 miles     to Minster Lovell



Find, choose, and plan your day

                      Discover what to see and do at each venue

This is a FULL 12 hour day trip,  but it does allow you to enjoy it at your pace, but don’t hang around.

If you have taken a long time to get here, then we want you to see as much as possible, you can always go again.


At the start of your day, allow time to arrive at the start point by our route.      We need  to arrive by 9.30am

From Heathrow area.                    Allow one hour forty five minutes.

From Birmingham city.                Allow one hour forty five minutes.

From Bristol City area.                 Allow one hour fifteen minutes.                           

Set your Satnav to.    High Street, Burford,  OX18 4QA

Drive straight through Burford on the A40, but this will be slowly, as it’s a very busy and a popular place,                     Parking is very difficult, few car parks, and there are always traffic jams on the High Street, but it’s worth taking a look at your first Cotswold village.  It is only one Main Street with all its shops and attractions along it anyway.                                                               

       Bourton on the water, Cheltenham, GL54 2JF

This will take you directly to the main Rissington car park, which has public toilet facilities including accessible toilets. but there is a small charge.

And right next door you will find     The Dragon Maze.  it’s about £4.50 each.                       

  This is great fun for families, with narrow paths you need to navigate through the lush green maze hedges.                               http://www.thedragonflymaze.com     

Next to this is the entrance to  Birdland at £12.95 each, which is a very nice and enjoyable visit for all ages, recommended, but not today if you want to follow our suggested day out.                                                                http://www.birdland.co.uk

Check this out with us for further information for BIRDLAND   


 When you click and get on, type in the search button,” Birdland”

and then always look for reviews by   “disabled traveller”

  River Windrush at Bourton on the water.

The beautiful river Windrush (meaning “white fen” rises near to the lovely village of Snowshill) in Gloucester, flows south east through The “Slaughters” both very picture perfect riverside villages, through BOURTON ON THE WATER, then via Burford and Witney for 40 miles to meet the Thames at Newbride in Oxfordshire. The ship HMT Empire Windrush was named after the river, giving rise to the immigration of West Indian people into the UK.


Our photos will open up with details when you CLICK on any picture, especially if you need a public toilet.

Enjoy your day out at Bourton on the water 

 Find out and chose what to see and do

One of the prettiest villages in England, with its yellow honey coloured Cotswold stone used so much throughout the village, surrounded by rolling countryside views.

Five lovely Cotswold stone bridges that cross the river Windrush, the oldest having been built in 1654, adding so much charm to this beautiful picturesque village. Along the banks of the Windrush, stand lovely stone cottages, small houses, intermixed with little restaurants and small gift shops, and so much to see and do.

A truly must see visit that will delight you.

Read so much more on.       


When you click and get on, type in the search button “Bourton”

and then always look for reviews by  “disabled traveller”

Other websites that will help you


May we recommend taking a light lunch, or a coffee break at this Cotswold hotel, just off the river Windrush .                                      Victoria Street, Bourton on the water, GL54 2BS.   Telephone 01451 820286.    

Ideal overnight stay, with car parking facilities.

Have a look with us for full details and help about Chester House 


When you click and get on to this website, in the search button           Type in “Chester House”

and then always read the help offered by “Disabled Traveller”




May we also encourage you to use our website                                                                                                                                                                 

Enjoy a day out at Upper Slaughter

Two of the nicest hamlets you could possibly visit, and the olde English word for the Slaughters was “Slough” which meant a wetland or muddy place

Set your Satnav for a 7 min drive 

Upper Slaughter, Cheltenham, GL54 2JB  

May we recommend you now follow OUR DIRECTIONS along with your satnav.

Depart Rissington carpark at 12.00noon, and TURN LEFT on the Rissington Road.                     Drive along up to the right hand bend and follow round. This becomes Station Road, stay on it  Follow this road all the way up towards the traffic lights for the main A429, BUT GET INTO THE RIGHT HAND LANE ready to TURN RIGHT.

Drive along for almost half a mile, to the FIRST LEFT, taking this on the signs for “THE SLAUGHTERS”

As you approach the hamlet, with the River Eye on your left, you must STAY on the bend to the right, away from the Upper Slaughter sign. Follow Copsehill Road to the next left,  beyond the hamlet, TURN LEFT now on what may be the hidden signpost on the bend in the hedges for Upper Slaughter.  (You will now be following your Satnav anyway).

Bear LEFT, then KEEP RIGHT, and drive along to the “Ford” ( Park where you can, if you want to spend a few minutes here)  SEE OUR PHOTOS FOR UPPER SLAUGHTER.

Now TURN LEFT on the Ford and cross the river and drive up the hill on the lane.    At the triangle TURN RIGHT then immediately TURN LEFT and go into the narrow carpark area. This will allow you to visit the delightful Slaughter Manor Hotel, and see its well kept gardens.      You may wish to relax a few minutes here with perhaps a G&T on the lawn               


    on the river Eye

quieter of the two hamlets, a very picturesque pleasant visit, especially down by the ford, which is so tranquil and pretty in its own way, with its green banks and a quaint little bridge.


Upper Slaughter Manor

The Manor dates back to 1649 which was much smaller then, but in 1972 it was converted into a hotel, the gardens remaining under care and worth walking around today.


     Slaughters Country Inn

A delightful country inn with a carpark allowing you to take Afternoon tea in its lovely setting by the banks of the river Eye which flows gently through the heart of the hamlet.


     On the river Eye

A  charming, delightful old Cotswold hamlet of honey coloured stone cottages, in which you must wander through on the way to the old mill along the banks of the river Eye.

What to see and do at the Slaughters

Enjoy you visit, but don’t linger to long, as we need to move on.

When ready to leave Upper Slaughter Set your Satnav

Lower Slaughter,  Cheltenham,  GL54 2HS   (6 min drive)

But pull into the Slaughters Country Inn car park on you right as passing river Eye on left.


The first six pictures will give you an idea about Upper Slaughter, the bottom six pictures show highlights of Lower Slaughter.

Enjoy a day out at Lower Slaughter

What a charming. lovely, delightful Cotswold hamlet, a must see.
The picturesque river Eye flows through the hamlet, a wide selection of beautiful trees line the banks of colourful wild flowers, as the clear water slowly meanders along, passing honey coloured stone cottages and delightful homes, the sort of place you really want to stroll through. 
We would suggest you take the path that runs along the bank on the far side and pass the cottages as you head towards the olde flower mill with its tall chimney that leads the way for you.  Admire all the well kept gardens full of colour from Spring onwards, and now you may chose which way to continue. 
Either stay ahead at the mill for a circular stroll around the hamlet and its lovely homes, or cross over the river on its old stone bridge while admiring all the beautiful covered walls on lovely cottages, and walk back towards the Slaughter Country Inn, where you may enjoy a cream Tea, or lash out on a delightful Afternoon Tea, (but you may wish you had pre-booked for these treats), or simply enjoy a lunch at the bar or out on the terrace if the weather permits, where no booking is needed.

However, if you really fancy treating yourselves, how about this ?

Afternoon Tea at the “The Slaughters Manor House” hotel.

Copsehill Road, Lower Slaughter, Cheltenhan, GL54 2HP.   Telephone 01451 820456


If you wish to continue to follow our suggested itinary, then you need to depart Lower Slaughter at 3.00pm.

Our last destination at Minster Lovell suggests that you will depart at 6.30pm.

This day out has been designed to show you the best of the Cotswolds, but it’s been tight.


Arrive 3.15    Depart. 3.20

Satnav directions

This is    A drive through visit

This market town was in existence in 780ad, then recorded in the Doomsday book, and a market town in 1219.            There are a number of listed buildings that may be seen as you pass through, Church of St Peter, The old Prison, Amberley house, Cotswold house, Devon house, and a few more.



Arrive 3.35.      Depart 3.45

Satnav directions
Bibury, Cirencester, GL7 5NW

This is    A drive through visit

This picturesque hamlet is a very popular visitor attraction where parking is far to difficult at times.             It is indeed an extremely beautiful visit with the crystal clear river Coln flowing from the Trout farm, passing the Swan hotel onwards towards the famous historical view of Arlington Row.



Arrive 4.15 for lunch.                   Depart 5.45

Satnav directions
Minster Lovell, Witney, OX29 0RN

Having enjoyed a pleasant drive through the Cotswolds you will arrive at the most picturesque hamlet of Minster Lovell, with its thatched roofed cottages, and the outstanding Old Swan Inn, where we recommend you end your day by taking a late lunch of their outstanding and famous homemade pies and veg, a wonderful light meal you will remember for many a day, taken with a tasty ale.


Arrive 5.50.     Drinks & pudding Depart 6.30

Satnav directions
Minster Riding, Witney, OX29 0RN

An attractive beautiful picturesque mill now converted into a luxurious hotel, which stands on the banks of the river Windrush, surrounded by a delightful magical garden, with a lovely wild flower meadow, and a woodland walk. You will certainly enjoy taking a last minute tipple, and an ice cream treat as you settle into your comfortable rattan chair beside the river Windrush.

Enjoy a day out at Bibury

Parking is very difficult, so we suggest a slow easy drive through the picturesque hamlet to see the main highlights.

To read a full account of what you can see and do, see this website

When you are on the website, in search button
Type in “Bibury”
then always look for reviews by “Disabled Traveller”

Minster Lovell

Enjoy a day out at The Old Swan

We suggest what to do at Minster Lovell is first of all drive through this hamlet and see the thatched cottages, before you take Lunch at The Old Swan.

Read much more 



Touch and see photo details

End your day out at Minster Mill hotel

Set your Sat nav directions

Minster Mill, Witney, OX29 0RN

Grand Entrance for Mill

The approach is inviting, your arrival promises much, the car park lies by the River Windrush surrounded by lovely Cotswold views, and we encourage you to step inside.

Minster Mill

A really attractive beautiful and peaceful hotel which stands on the banks of the River Windrush, just 15 miles away from Oxford,  one of the Andrew Brownsword hotel collection, highly recommended 

Park your car by river

Park up by beautiful gardens of the 65 acre estate and wander through a magical setting with fragrant lavenders lining the paths, a wild and lush flower meadow, and then pause over the river.

Drinks on the terrace

A cool G and T will be just the thing as you settle down on the terrace, glass in hand. The setting is lovely, a light breeze coming across the river, smashing.

Enjoy a last minute treat

The restaurant is plain and simple, nicely furnished, and ideal for a late desert, as you gaze up at the wooden beams high above.

To a great day out

Here is to what we hope has been a wonderful trip for you, starting and ending along the beautiful river Windrush in the Cotswolds.

Set your final Satnav direction for your own home.

Heathrow and Bristol, 1 hour 45 min.   To Birmingham 1 hour 15 min.

We hope our efforts to help you enjoy a day out has been rewarding, it’s been a long day but worthwhile as we have tried to show a part of the wonderful Cotswold scenery and its villages.

Other day out trips will follow, but if you fancy checking out our 400 reviews of some delightful venues we have already completed for you to read about, then please see our sister website.

Each venue will offer you all the details you need to know about, and although these have been with our Senior citizens in mind, and particularly our Disabled Friends, you will all be able to get a very good summery of what you can look forward in the years ahead.

Even if you feel you will never get to some of these places, then do read our reviews, some of the history notes we give are very interesting, and we can all get to know so much about our country through them, so do have a good read.


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We add to this list monthly,  so check us out regularly 


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